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The Art of Preserving Beauty: Ecuadorian Roses That Stand the Test of Time

For florists and distributors around the globe, the quest for the perfect preserved rose often leads them to the heart of Ecuador. And for a good reason. "Alinatura by Hoja Verde", mastered the art of capturing nature's fleeting beauty, ensuring it remains timeless.

Natural Roses Growing in Ecuadorian Highlands before Preservation Process

Natural Elegance, Never Artificial

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on working exclusively with natural roses. Our commitment is to authenticity; we never ship artificial roses. The unique preservation process, unparalleled in Ecuador, ensures that every rose retains its most natural charm and elegance.

The Journey of a Rose: From Fresh to Forever

The transformation of a fresh rose into a preserved masterpiece is a meticulous art behind Preserved Roses

  1. Selection: Only the best roses are handpicked for preservation.

  2. Dehydration: Fully immersed in top secret solutions for an extensive almost 100 hours.

  3. Dissemination: Followed by an immersion in a secret blend of solutions to ensure optimal preservation.

  4. Dyeing: To achieve the most vibrant hues, roses are submerged in a mix of different preserving solutions along with dyes for more than a day.

  5. Drying: A final drying phase for almost 2 days seals the preservation process.

In total, this intricate process spans almost up to 200 hours, with roses immersed in preserving solutions for more than a half of those hours.


A woman working on the detailing of a preserved roses in Ecuador

Warranty and Durability: A Testament to Quality

Our confidence in the longevity art behind Preserved Roses is backed by our warranty offerings. Classic and pastel-colored roses come with an 18-month warranty, applicable while they're stored in total darkness, between 15 and 35 degrees Celsius, and with relative humidity below 80%.

For custom designs, like flag-themed roses, we offer a 3-month warranty due to potential color migration. However, we're continually innovating, soon introducing special layers between petals to prevent color migration in this designs.

For optimal longevity, we recommend designs with light or pastel colors or exclusively dark shades, much like our RAINBOW designs.

Beautiful Arrangement of Preserved Roses from Ecuador, Ecuadorian Preserved Roses

Feedback from the Field

Alinatura's preservation formula is heralded as one of the best in Ecuador. We've received feedback from loyal customers of over 5 years, attesting to the enduring shape and color of our roses in their showroom arrangements. However, the lifespan of our preserved roses largely depends on care and storage conditions. While they're primarily indoor products, exposure to sunlight or direct light can lead to discoloration.

At Ecuadorian Preserved Roses, along with the team of Alinatura, we're not just preserving flowers; we're preserving moments, memories, and emotions. For florists and distributors keen on importing the finest preserved roses from Ecuador, our doors are always open.

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