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We have a strict guideline to deliver the preserved flowers in:
1. Cardboard boxes in good condition.
2. Respectively labeled with: content identification, the volumetric weight of the boxes, lot, color, customer, and export data.
3. We guarantee color stability of the flower in storage conditions without exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent light for one year and a half and using the product for six months.


We must receive a notification of the claim within maximum period of 10 working days, from the departure of the shipment. If the claim is regarding color stability, it must be received within the offered 18 months.


1. Due to Non-compliance with Quality Specifications such as:

  • Color tone.

  • Texture.

  • Dimensions of the flower: Diameter and height.

  • Shape of the flower.

  • Presentation and structure of the flower.

  • Failure to comply with the warranty period.

2. Missing Product.

3. Color stability.


Submit the following documentation:
- Claimed invoice number
- Quantity affected/missing.
- Corresponding Photographic Support.
- Batch number.
- Labels of the boxes corresponding to the invoice.
- Product claimed in the state in which it arrives.
With this information, we will be able to evaluate the report presented.
We will define If the cause is a factory issue or transportation problem.
We can accept or deny the client complaint.

The value of the credit will NOT be deducted from your account statement, as long as you have not received the corresponding credit note, a document that is considered the ONLY valid document for the acceptance of the credit.

We do NOT assume responsibility for transportation costs in ANY case, as well as credits for mechanical damage will NOT be accepted in shipments in which the client requests an overpack.

We do NOT assume responsibility for decisions NOT to review the product by customers for the approval of the use or sale of the purchased products.

For any claim you can reach directly to your sales executive or submit it directly through along with the supporting documentation.

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