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- Worldwide Distributor of Preserved Roses -

About Us

Born with the aim on providing the greatest service, product quality, and rates for both Preserved Roses and Shipping, while prioritizing the peace of mind for our florists and wholesalers.
Positioned as the main international distributor of the most reliable producer of Preserved Roses in Ecuador with enormous Focus on Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability.
Recognized as the Most Reliable Wholesale Supplier of Preserved Roses from Ecuador.
We make it easy for you to import the finest preserved roses to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

A farmer carrying roses for preservation process

Supplying Quality for your Business

Commited on providing top quality products, while maintaining enormous focus on
social and environmental responsibility.

Production of preserved roses


Provide our florists and wholesalers the finest quality preserved roses at the best prices of the market, with tailored support and guidance throughout the entire process. Aiming to simplify the buying process, optimize delivery times and prioritize your peace of mind.


To be the leading distributor of preserved roses in the market, recognized for the quality of our products, reliability of our service, and personalized attention provided to each customer. Establish long-term relationships with florists and wholesalers based on trust and mutual benefit.


Cutting Edge

Production Processes and Worldwide Delivery Times

Our Values

EMPATHY: We treat everyone with care and respect, making sure to fulfill their needs without discrimination.
HONESTY: Being honest and clear about the products and services offered.
EFFICIENCY: Ensuring the distribution of the finest quality preserved roses at the most competitive prices.
RELIABILITY: Providing trustworthy and consistent service.
AUTHENTICITY: Offering tailored guidance and support to meet the individual needs.
COMMITMENT: Dedicated to ensuring customers satisfaction.

Production of preserved roses

Our Products

Dive into the Widest Variety of Eternal Roses and Preserved Flowers

Classic Colors

Perfect for adding sophistication and charm to any floral arrangement

Premium classic-colored preserved roses from Ecuador for florists and wholesalers.

Rainbow Designs

Celebrate life's most vibrant moments with a mesmerizing blend of colors

Vibrant multicolored preserved roses, capturing the essence of nature's spectrum.

Metallic Collection

Exuding a sense of prestige and sophistication

Metallic-finished preserved roses reflecting sophistication and elegance.

Teddy Collection

Experience the soft touch of our Teddy-textured roses.

Unique Teddy-textured preserved roses, reminiscent of a cuddly teddy bear.

Heart Shape

Love in its purest form symbolizing the deep connection between two souls

Heart-shaped preserved roses, the epitome of love and affection.


Add a splash of drama with our preserved Anemones.

Striking preserved Anemones, perfect for dynamic floral designs.

Green Balls

Introduce a touch of nature's perfection with Green Balls.

Vibrant preserved Green Balls, ideal for complementing floral designs.

Rose Stems

Elevate designs and complement the roses with our preserved rose stems.

Authentic preserved rose stems, adding depth to floral arrangements.

Flag Roses

Showcase your national pride or celebrate a special heritage

Preserved roses with flag designs, merging floral beauty with national symbols.

Pastel Colors

Bring a dreamy, whimsical touch to your floral designs

Soft pastel-colored preserved roses, perfect for sophisticated floral designs.

Glow Collection

Illuminate your floral creations adding a touch of magic to any arrangement

Preserved roses with a radiant glow finish, ideal for standout arrangements.

Neon Collection

Make a bold statement with our electrifying Neon colors.

Neon-colored preserved roses, perfect for modern and vibrant floral designs.

Romantic Shape

Garden roses that exude an air of romance and nostalgia

Romantic garden-shaped preserved roses, capturing nature's purest beauty.


Enhance designs with the intricate beauty of preserved Dahlias.

Premium preserved Dahlias, a touch of elegance for floral arrangements.


Celebrate simplicity with our preserved Margaritas.

Classic preserved Margaritas, a timeless addition to any arrangement.


Capture the essence of sunny days and endless summer skies

Sun-kissed preserved Sunflowers, radiating warmth and joy.

Fillers - Foliages

Complete your designs with our preserved fillers and foliages.

Premium preserved fillers and foliages, the final touch for perfect arrangements.

More designs
coming soon..

Crafting a green preserved rose

Preserved Rose Care

Maintain the Beauty for a Long Time

Storage Conditions

Storage Conditions

Temperature: 15ºC - 35ºC

R. Humidity: < 80%

Preserved Rose Care

Do Not Mix

Strong colors, they may combine

Indoor use only

Indoor Use Only

- For use 6-12 Months
- For Warehouse storage 18 Months

Preserved Rose Care

White Roses

Do not mix with other colors, they can fade.

Use Ivory color instead.

Preserved Rose Care

Do Not Submit

To drastic temperature changes to avoid condensations

Preserved Rose Care

Roses And Stems

Roses and stems can stain
*To remove stains on textiles, you can use alcohol and then wash them with Vanish

Preserved Rose Care


Roses and stems can tear in seasons changes*

*Places with moisture changes can generate tearing of roses and stems when absolving moisture and expelling the preservation fluids. When season change this effect is common, however the rose or stem will reach a new balance and will be useful again. 

its important to clean the fluids that may have been expelled.

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